Bingo is Played Every Wednesday @ 7PM in our upstairs Hall  (4 quickie games played with regular bingo starting at approxmatly @ 7:30)

We also have some  Saturday Bingos during the Year 

bingo will be canceled for the day if school is canceled due to incliment weather during winter months 

We have a fully Stocked Bar for those wanting to purchase Sodas, Chips, Candy and Alcoholic Beverages for those 21+

We also serve food during bingo sessions (food varies from week to week)

bingo is open to anyone 18+ you do not need to be a member of the Post to play 

Cost of Bingo

small pack with 3 bingo cards per page $6.00ea

Large Pack with 9 bingo cards per page $15.00ea

Pickle Jars 4 per session $4.00 (payout of $200ea for single winner during Wednesday bingo sessions)

Saturday  bingos pickle jars payout what is paid in, all non paid out pickle jars will be added to the Jackpot coverall 

Bonanza coverall cards 2 for $1.00

quickie coverall sheets $1.00ea (we play 4 quickie games prior to start of regular bingo session)

Extra sheets 3 bingo cards per page may be Purchased for each game played $1.00ea

​Bingo Dobbers $1.00ea

Pull tabs sold during bingo games $1.00ea (prizes vary depending on the game played)

50/50 drawing tickets are 1 for $1.00 or 3 for $2.00


no outside drinks are allowed in the post at anytime

No smoking is allowed in the bingo hall at anytime, smoking is allowed outside and in the main bar only if a member

no one under the age of 18 allowed in the bingo hall at anytime

21+ to purchase alcoholic beverages Note: if you are not a member of the legion bingo workers will get your drinks for you.

you must purchase at least a small bingo pack to be able to play any other games during bingo

Bingos must be shouted loudly so our workers can hear you and you must call the bingo on the last number called if you do not call out bingo before the next number is called your bingo will not be valid per state gambling laws.

Multipul bingos the winnings will be split equally between all winning bingos

checks can be wrote to purchase Bingo items Maximum of $50 with proper ID
all returned checks will be charged NSF fees.

For Any Questions or Concerns about Bingo Contact our bingo chairman Ron Brawley

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